The luxe interiors of Tapas and Wine Bar C have transformed this tiny Little Tokyo space into an exotic wine and sake bar. The entrance immediately trains the eye with iconic pink signage - an entrance you are certainly not likely to miss. The design scheme extends, with faux pink fur intermingling with touches of black, white and grey to create a veritable fantasy land. The bar extends the full length of the space, boasting a full selection of spirits as well as one of the most comprehensive offerings of cult vineyards and winemakers from around the globe. The back bar is decked in mahogany wine vaults, displaying many rare and distinguished labels.

The interiors of Tapas and Wine Bar C revel in a spirit of adventure...a naughty trip downtown fantasy lane. The French Maid theme of the staff allows for a playful sense of joie de vivre, all the while bringing that elusive sense of fun and frivolity to a collection of the world's most serious wines.